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With its well-balanced mobilizing and binding capabilities Biologo-Detox is a most effective detoxing agent reliably binding and safely draining heavy metals, chemical toxins and mycotoxins (e.g. mould fungus toxins).


Biologo-Detox not only contain herbs strengthening the excretion organs and the gut but  also comprises four unique components enabling an innovative detox process for the entire body:

  1. Micronised chlorella, produced using a natural cold temperature process developed by Dr. Tim Ray, which greatly increases the toxin binding capabilities of conventional chlorella by 50 times.
  2. Cold-processed chlorella growth factor (CGF) which has not been denaturized and therefore takes an exceptional position among all CGF-products worldwide owing to its significantly improved ability to repair tissue harmed by toxins.
  3. Micronised, cell wall broken probiotics created by Dr. Ray in a special process whose peptides are able to remove heavy metals from the cell receptors enabling a deep detox.
  4. Essences of semi-precious stones and herbs produced with vitalized water by Dr. Fiona Dann that support the psyche, which is so necessary when going through detox.

Who should take Biologo-Detox:

  • Anyone who wishes or has to undergo systemic detox from neurotoxins such as heavy metals, chemicals and mycotoxins (e.g. mould fungus toxins)
  • People with amalgam fillings who are in a good general state of health
  • Anyone who had amalgam fillings removed
  • Anyone whose mother had amalgam fillings during pregnancy
  • Anyone who has metals in his/her mouth
  • Anyone suffering from a chronic disease such as arthrosis, arthritis, osteoporosis, type II diabetes etc.
  • Cancer patients after completing chemo or radiation therapy
  • Anyone who takes or has to take chemical drugs (also pain killers) over a period of many years
  • Anyone who is exposed to toxins in his/her workplace e.g. filling station attendants, carpenters, painters and varnishers, hairdressers, winemakers, farmers etc.
  • Anyone who is prone to melancholy, exaggerated aggression or depression
  • People suffering from the following diseases: Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS syndrome), multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS syndrome), Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease, autism, children and adults with attention deficit disorder/attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHS)
  • Women who want to get pregnant
  • Anyone with therapy-resistant health issues
  • Anyone with persistent Candida fungus overgrowth
  • Anyone who has had several inoculations
  • Anyone who has encountered mould or fungal health issues
  • Anyone exposed to heavy electromagnetic pollution (heavy metals act like an antenna)
  • Generally susceptible people with a weakened immune system
  • Prior to diets, especially prior to fasting

Who should refrain from taking Biologo-Detox:

  • Anyone undergoing antibiotic treatment
  • Anyone undergoing chemotherapy
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Anyone who is known to have an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients
  • Anyone suffering from an acute disease

Practical Information:

Dosage period: How long the entire detox process takes depends upon the severity of the individual toxic body burden and the dosage tolerated. In every bottle of Biologo-Detox there is a set amount of toxin binding capability which happens faster when high doses are taken and slower when low doses are taken.  If you tolerate the maximum dosage of Biologo-Detox over a period of two weeks without showing stress symptoms, you can change to a more intense detox using Biologo-Detox Forte after using the opened bottle of Biologo Detox.

Possible combinations: All products of the Biologo-Detox-Line

Individual dosage of Biologo-Detox: If you are using Biologo-Detox for the first time it is of great advantage to slowly work up to the recommended dosage.  The individual dosage of Biologo-Detox you tolerate well depends not only on the severity of your toxic body burden but also on the state of your metabolism and the strength of your excretion organs.

Our guidelines are set for very sensitive people. Adults tolerating the product well for a period of several days may increase the dosage more quickly. Extremely sensitive or chronically-ill people may choose a slower progression.

The crucial point is to constantly keep your well-being in mind and avoid causing a healing crisis by increasing the dosage too quickly.  As soon as you detect any stress-symptoms such as vertigo, fatigue, headache, nausea or constipation your excretion organs have reached their limit. In this case you should revert to the last dosage you tolerated well and continue with it for several days or even long term. Make sure you drink enough water.

The advantage of slowly increasing the dosage: The smaller the individual increases in the dosage are, the slighter and more gentle your body’s possible stress-reaction will be.

Intake interruption: In case of any acute diseases (e.g. influenzal infection, strong pain, bone fractures) you should discontinue taking the product. The body always focuses on acute events and a parallel detox process may be asking too much. As soon as the acute disease is over, you can go back to taking the amount of drops you tolerated well before, or possibly some drops less.

Discontinuation of the product: If you do not even tolerate the initial dosage without feeling unwell you should either prepare your body for detox (e.g. by using the Biologo-Detox-Light kit) or you might be allergic to one of the ingredients. For clarification you should consult your alternative practitioner.

Special feature: You can choose via which organ you wish to excrete from primarily- via the kidneys or via the gut. You should of course choose your stronger organ or take turns. If you dilute the drops in water and drink ½ a cup of water every 30 minutes until the 2nd urination after taking the drops, you will primarily excrete via your kidney and take the strain off your gut. If you take the drops without water and refrain from drinking for about 1 hour the toxins are primarily excreted via the gut sparing your kidneys.

Nota bene: This product contains turmeric, a spice with a bright yellow colour which can cause hard to remove stains.

Biologo-Detox (125 ml) contains:

Vitalized Water*, Micronized Chlorella**, Probiotics*, Cilantro*, Curcuma*, Agaricus Blazei*, Reishi*, Red Root*, Olive Leaf*, Coriolus*, Grifola*, Alcohol*. Essences: Green Jasper*, Rose Quartz*, Pine*, Hematite*, Wild Rose*, Star of Bethlehem*, White Lotus*, Centaury*, Bluebell*, Anemone*.

*     signifies ingredients of certified organic quality.
**   signifies micronised, cell wall broken chlorella, grown in special tanks of pharmaceutical quality and therefore even purer than the so-called organic products.

Our quality guarantee: We exclusively use top-quality ingredients which have been certified free of chemical residues. Ingredients without certification are either collected in the wild or are of the best quality available in the world market.


Dosage Biologo-Detox

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